Thursday, September 10, 2015

Taste of Madison

Over Labor Day weekend I ventured to Capital Square for 'Taste of Madison'. Taste Of Madison is an event that shuts down roads around the Capital, where local restaurants set up booths to serve their food. It's a great way for businesses to advertise and become known but more importantly, a way for people to get a sample of their food. They also had three different bands playing at each corner of the square; I didn't really stick around to watch, but they did sound wonderful, playing songs that ranged from country to rock. The best way that I would describe this event is basically like your typical State fair, just without the rides or animals. The smell, the atmosphere, the people; all very exciting!

 This event took place on Saturday and also Sunday from dusk until dawn. Any type of food that you could imagine was basically served there. They had anything from pizza to popcorn, BBQ to gyros, and anything in-between... Not forgetting the endless supply of beer (which I did not sample). Upon arriving I soon realized that I wished the size of my wallet was as big as my stomach!  (Silly me only grabbed $8)

There were SO many people at this event, it was a tight squeeze trying to get a glimpse at each station. And it didn't help that it was super hot and sticky. With the humidity and standing in the scorching sun, I figured it was over 100 degrees fahrenheit. Because of the weather, and my mistake of only bringing less than $10, I didn't stay long; especially since I walked to the event (which was a good half hour hike). But before I left I did get the chance to grab a couple of goodies. First, I enjoyed some deep fried cookie dough; I'll give you a minute to clean up the drool escaping your mouth. And of course, I wouldn't be a true Wisconsinite if I didn't grab a tray of greasy cheese curds. 

Although the weather made it extremely uncomfortable to walk through the thick crowds of hungry folks, it was really cool to see what my new city has to offer.

All I know is next year I am bringing more money and an emptier stomach.

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