Friday, January 15, 2016

My Bucket List

| Fly on a plane |
Yes, you read that right; I have yet to be on a plane. Even though it seems like something so little because thousands of people do this day to day, I find it very intriguing. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I sit in my schools library in the back corner looking out over the courtyard and parking lots. The library is so conveniently placed on the third floor, so one can look in multiple directions and see for miles. My College just happens to be placed right next to the airport. And of course this city being the capital of the State there are many flights coming in and going out. Between classes I often find myself staring out into the cloudy blue sky daydreaming, thinking about anything but homework. I often catch a glimpse of that bird in the sky coming bigger & bigger and getting lower & lower to the ground before it dips behind the trees and disappearing from my view. It is during those moments that I crave adventure and exploring the world with my closet friends. 

| Travel |
 Yes, quite typical, but I want to see the world with my closest friends. Exploring places other than tourist destinations, trying exquisite foods, and experiencing different cultures. 

| Swim in the Ocean |
I've never been to the ocean, or really outside of my home state for that matter. I'd like to see dolphins & whales and just relax on the white sand beaches drinking a lemonade and taking in the sun. 

| Pet a penguin | & | Ride a Camel |
I'm not talking about at the zoo where the animals are in cages, I'm talking about out in their natural habitat. 

| Stay a night at Hotel Kakslauttanen |
This hotel is in Iceland and each 'room' is a dome outside under the stars where for 8 months out of the year you can witness the northern lights. Talk about breath taking! Growing up I always loved going camping, and this right here is taking camping to the next level.

| Build a tree house | 
Not any kind of treehouse, I'm talking about one straight out of the show "treehouse masters". If you've never seen this program, I suggest that you do so; it will bring out your inner kid. Basically this company in the US builds tree houses based on what each customer is looking for. They are bigger and better than the ones you had as a kid. If you can dream it, they can build it, and one day I hope they can make a custom one for me, high up in the trees with bridges between the different tree houses (inspired by the Ewok's in the last Star Wars film). 

| Attend Coachella |
I suppose any music festival for that matter, but I've seen some of my favorite Youtubers attend this festival and it just seems like a lot of fun.

| Do the Color Run |
Now I'm not one for running long distances, or just running period, but this seems like something that makes it a bit more enjoyable. I also would like to do an obstacle one such as a zombie run or the gladiator run. 

| Tour by helicopter |
Doesn't matter the location I just think getting a birds eye view of a city is something quite neat. 

| Go to a Drive-in Theater |

| Study Abroad |
It's always been a goal of mine to study abroad. Just experiencing the different cultures and getting the chance to go sight seeing. I would really like to go to England, but anywhere in Europe would be cool. 

| Visit a castle |
As long as there are no moats or dragons I'm all in! If only there were places like Hogwarts, I'd be jumping onto the next train there! 

| Attend a Chinese lantern festival |
Ever since I've watched Tangled, I've been so interested in attending one of these. It's incredible that the entire night sky could be filled with floating lights?! ... where do you think they end up? O.o

| Go horse back riding on a beach |
Something straight out of a romance film, but I think it would amazing! I really would like to do this on the beautiful shores of New Zealand or Greece. Just image you and your loved one galloping along the beach at sunset with a slight breeze.. Ahh, so romantic. But quite honestly it wouldn't even have to be with a significant other; it could be a group of friends. I think this would be a neat way to tour the place. Plus, I'd like to actually ride a horse; I've sat on one,  but never actually took the reins and moved around.

| Go cliff diving |
I'm not that much of an adrenaline junky but this seems quite fun. I don't think I'd go to the extremes and jump off a cliff that is higher than 40ft, but maybe 10-15ft is in my range.

| Live in England | 
My friends and I already have a goal of living near each other in England. while another friend is in Rome for Seminary. I've always wanted to visit England, it just seems so lovely there, other than the bipolar weather. And to hear that some of my friends have the same dream makes it even more possible. I can just imagine waking up on a chilly morning and going out for some coffee at a local shop with my friends and then spending the afternoon going in and out of shops.

| Be on the Amazing Race |
I know this is a long shot, but I have always enjoyed watching this program and think it would be a neat way to see the world and experience different cultures. Each challenge is something different but it's things that people in different parts of the world do on a daily basis. I always find myself watching these episodes thinking about which challenge I'd be better at and thinking of ways I could complete them the fastest. The only thing I'd be worried about is leaving something behind and letting the stress get to me. I know it's easier said than done but I think I would be a great contestant and would (hopefully) be in the final three. . . one can dream can't they? 

I know I have way more on my bucket list, but if I mentioned every single one, we'd be here all day. With that being said,
what's on your bucket lists? 

Much Love! Xx


  1. This is a great list Bree! Being on a plane is actually fun, I always imagine what people on the ground are doing ha. You should definitely take a trip to the ocean it's sooo nice! & there are so many places to see dolphins and whales, I went on a dolphin cruise in Gulf Shores and these dolphins live in a little cove and play in the waves it's so cool! I hope you get a few of these checked off your list this year! :)

    1. Thank you! & I hope so too! My brother wants to see my reaction when I fly for the first time.. haha

    2. Tell him to take pictures! haha :) Also definitely check out if they have a color run near where you live! I did one literally 5 miles from campus and you can walk it and jog through the color part! SO FUN

    3. Your list is humbling. Sometimes we take for granted the opportunities we may have had in life. I have done many of these without a second thought, of course I have several years on you cousin. But thank you for helping me realize that I am bless, and by the grace of God you will be too.

    4. Agreed. I'll get there one day! First things first, I have to get a passport and save up money.. Which isn't the easiest when you're a college student. But it's life and I'll have to see where it takes me! (: