Friday, January 22, 2016

Plastic Drawer Up-Do

I've probably mentioned this a thousand times here on my blog, but I have limited space in my apartment which can be tricky. Living in a studio apartment has really constrained me from bringing in unnecessary items or things that would take up way too much room. One of the biggest issues I faced was figuring out where I would store all of my clothes. Even though I have a decent sized closet, I have limited space on the bar to hang clothes and my jeans & sweatshirts take up all of the shelving. But what about those undergarments of mine? I debated on bringing my dresser with me, but I realized that it was too big & bulky, and I just didn't have the room for it. I finally figured out a convenient way to store my bras and panties: buying a plastic 3-drawer storage unit. It worked perfectly! I had a drawer for each of my undergarment pieces. However, I quickly found out that not only was it unappealing to guests to be able to see into the drawers but it made me a bit uncomfortable and self conscious. I could always close my closet doors, but I don't like doing that; It seems to make the room look smaller and bland. Since I am renting an apartment I can't exactly paint the walls or even the closet doors, so I have to settle with everything being white/cream. On the other hand, since everything is organized and put away nicely, having the doors open isn't an eye-sore, but instead gives the room a bit more to look at, and gives you a sneak-peak into my style/personality.

To fix this problem I took to Pinterest.. of course! And looked for different bits of inspiration. I had a couple ideas in mind but wanted to see how other people tackled this DIY. With some sense of direction, I took to the craft store and wandered up and down their scrapbook paper section. I found a nice 80 sheet paper pad that fit my color scheme and had some fun pattern play. I also picked up a small bottle of mod podge and I suggest picking up a sponge brush if you don't already own one. I forgot a brush and didn't feel like making the trip back into town, so I just used anything I could find in my apartment; q-tips, napkins, paper towel... although I eventually ended up using my fingers.. Hey, I had to improvise and it worked!

First, I measured the front of the drawer and cut out 3 rectangles to fit into place. I drew the line on the back of the paper with a pencil, so if I needed to erase I could do so without ruining the pretty side. Once they were cut out I had the option of leaving them as in and 'glueing' them in place, however, I thought it would be fun and a bit more unique to label each one. I picked out some metallic colors from my cup of assorted pens and sharpies. Since this unit was specifically for my undergarments, I labeled one "Panties", one "Bras", and the last one "Socks". That way I knew what was in each drawer. Then, to add a bit more character I drew little bras, panties, and socks, on each sign.

Lastly, I just needed to glue them in place. At first I tried spreading the mod podge over the paper, but soon found that it was quite difficult and I feared that it would ruin the design, writing, and/or the actual paper. So, for the other two, I applied the mod podge on the inner part of the drawer and then carefully laid the paper on top, making sure the words were facing outwards and right-side up. and smoothed out any bubbles with my hand. This method was easier and gave better results, in my opinion.

This was a super easy and fun DIY and quite inexpensive as well. I think the most expensive item was the pad of paper, but I can always use the other sheets for more crafts & projects. The thing about these storage units, is you can use them for ANYTHING, and there are so many different ways you can give them a facelift. You can use spray paint, duct tape, washi tape, construction paper, etc. Just have fun with it and customize it to fit your personality!

Much Love! Xx


  1. Cute!!!! I see where you get your crafty side from...😊

  2. Cute!!!! I see where you get your crafty side from...😊