Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Autumn Pinspiration

If you haven't noticed yet, Autumn is my absolute favorite season! Everything just seems to slow down and gives you time to reflect on the year you've had. With this being my first year living on my own and on a tight budget due to being a student, I can only dream of my apartment being decorated accordingly and smelling like delicious baked goods. I'll get there one day, but for now I'll leave you with this post. I wanted to to share with you how I think of fall & what I love about this time of year. Hopefully, these images will make you just as enthusiastic as I am!

I got this fun idea from A Rosie Outlook who did this on her blog, which if you'd like to check out her post you can click here.

Basically, I am taking images from my Pinterest boards and merging them into one to give you some Fall 'Inspiration', hence, the title "Autumn Pinspiration". 

All of these pictures represent the beauty and warmth Autumn brings, despite the chilly weather and gloomy/rainy days. Aside from Halloween, I think these pictures best represent what I enjoy about fall. Of course I couldn't fit everything in this post, but I managed to get a good handful of what brings me joy and happiness this time of year. I always enjoy having a good cup of steaming hot cocoa on those chilly mornings, while reading a book, and snuggling up in a blanket. Candles are an essential item during this time of year, however, I can never find one that I enjoy that still screams"AUTUMN"... If any of you have suggestions, please let me know! 

Living in the midwest has it's ups and downs during fall. First the weather is bipolar; one week you can wear skirts and t-shirts, and the next you're bringing out the long johns and mittens. But I think I enjoy those November days where it's a bit dreary and lightly raining, the best. Call me crazy, but it's those kinds of days that calms me and reminds me of my childhood. With chilly weather comes heavy and warmer clothing. My favorite fall clothing pieces are long socks and scarves. Both are an absolute must-have if I'm going for a walk in the park, or just out and about. 

 Another thing that is amazing about the midwest is the amount of farm land and rolling hills. Driving through the countryside during this time of year is full of bliss. The temperature isn't too hot or too cold, so you can roll down the windows and breathe in the crisp air, upon viewing miles and miles of colorful trees, and the occasional cow pasture or bundles of hay. Although, at this point most of the leaves are being raked up and thrown away; It's still nice to let your inner child come out and run through the leaves or jump into a pile of them.

Growing up, my family would always gather at my grandparents house during November, not only to celebrate Thanksgiving, but to mark the beginning of deer hunting season. This was always my favorite, even though I don't hunt and my parent's don't hunt, I always enjoyed getting together,  spending the afternoon baking with my grandma while the men went out into the woods.  

Even though I miss those traditions, the memories will never fade. And who knows, maybe I'll start making my own traditions.

I hope this post gets you into the Autumnal mood! And quite honestly, I'm already looking ahead for winter 'pinspiration'! 

For now, however, what is your favorite thing about Autumn?

Much Love! Xx

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