Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Candle Overload

Lately, I've been in this mood for loving candles and burning them every chance I get. I soon came to realize that my candle inventory is slimming down quite fast, and I found that I don't really own any festive holiday scented ones. It was absolute perfect timing to hear that Bath and Body Works had a sale exclusively in-stores and today only on candles (well now it was a couple days ago, but I hope you get the point). The 3-wick candles are usually $22.50, but today they were $8.50 ... a MASSIVE sale. That's like getting two candles for the price of one, plus an additional 20% off.  I was so excited to get these deals that, well, let's just say I went a bit overboard, and I wanted to share with you what I purchased; incase any of you are candle lovers like myself.

The first one I grabbed was "Mahogany Teakwood". I actually already have this one in a smaller size, but I have this fear of burning candles that smell out of this world; just in case they are limited edition and won't be coming back. I guess you could call me a candle hoarder? Does anybody else do this? Please tell me I'm not the only one.. Anyways, this scent is ah-maz-ing. Basically, take the most mouth watering, panty dropping men's cologne you know of and ta-da, that is this candle. However, they describe this scent as "The luxurious scents of fine woods - mahogany, cedarwood and oak - are enlightened by delicate lavender and geranium notes".  I think my description is much better to be honest.. 

The next one I went for was "JOY". This is a very lovely scent if I do say so myself. I wanted a candle that smelled of peppermint, but everything was very overpowering; until I found this one. This candle actually makes my mouth water; it of course smells like peppermint, but also a nice warm vanilla marshmallow and a hint of spices. It's almost as if you walked into a candy shop at the North Pole. I love how they described the scent of this candle: "Indulge in the fragrance of fluffy vanilla marshmallows, which are full of holiday sweetness and peppermint joy". Isn't that cute?! 

I then found a candle called "PEACE". This candle may be my favorite of them all. It's a very relaxing scent in my opinion. If any of you are familiar with the kiosk "The Almond Tree", this candle reminds me of that stand. If you're not familiar with it, it's basically a stand that sells various types of roasted nuts; from pecans to almonds, and cashews. They are always warm and just melts in your mouth. This candle has a subtitle that says "Iced Vanilla Woods", which also basically sums up this scent. It reminds me of snowshoeing through the woods, or walking through a field of pine trees. It has that nice Christmas tree smell that's not overpowering, and is toned down by a warm vanilla fragrance. On the bottom it says "Enjoy a peaceful holiday with this soothing blend of sweet vanilla, smoldering woods, and iced lavender".

Next, I picked out "Spiced Apple Toddy". It's basically a classic go-to fragrance. If you enjoy the standard apple and cinnamon scents, this is the candle for you. It's a lovely baking kind of smell that tickles your nose. They describe it as "A sweet mixture of winter fruits, apple brandy, and spiced plum will warm up all your winter celebrations". 

I picked out another baking themed type of candle called "Salted Caramel". The name says it all; a nice warm salted caramel scent. I feel like this candle needs no other description since it's pretty straight forward. At first I was kind of skeptical, but after smelling it a couple 3 or 4 times, I knew I had to grab it. I feel like if you are a coffee lover like myself, you'll enjoy this one a lot. On the bottom of the candle it says "Indulge on a chilly winter day with this blend of buttery soft caramel, flaky sea salt and a hint of roasted chestnuts".

"Snowflakes & Spruce" is the next candle that I grabbed. It's a nice tree scent but isn't overpowering. I feel like this and the "peace" candle are similar, but this one leans more to a strong tree fragrance instead of a subtle tree smell. It is calmed down a bit with vanilla, but the vanilla isn't as pungent as it is in the "peace" candle. I feel like this scent is kind of like the artificial tree sprays you can get to make your fake trees smell real, but this is better quality.  On the bottom, it says "kick off the holiday party season with an outdoorsy blend inspired by snowcapped spruce, and sweetened by a touch of creamy vanilla".

The Next candle is "Fresh Balsam". Very similar to the last candle, but is quite overpowering. This candle smells like you are at a Christmas tree farm cutting down your own tree. It's that freshly cut tree scent that strikes your nostrils. To compare this candle and "snowflakes & spruce", I'd say that this is freshly cut tree scent that will knock you over, while "snowflakes & spruce" is maybe a couple days old, sitting in your living room all decorated. If you like strong scents, I'd say this is the candle for you. [It's a straight-out-of-the-woods candle].. I only picked it up because I have a fake tree in my apartment and I am missing out on the real Christmas tree smell; therefore, I am hoping this candle will make it seem a bit more real and festive.

The last candle I picked out was "Winter Candy Apple". This candle is SO nice. It's basically a candied apple with a hint of citrus fragrance. Similar to "Spiced Apple Toddy", but without the spice. If you are looking for an apple based candle but aren't too keen on the cinnamon and spice mix, then this candle is amazing, and in all honesty, I think you could get away with burning it all year 'round. They describe it as "A sweet, yuletide blend of candied apples and spiced orange zest, with a touch of winter musk".   

And that is all of the candles I purchased; I'd say I am all set for the holiday season, and will probably still be burning these through July. Otherwise, I can always give them as gifts or I can save them for next year, but there was no way I was going to pass up such a great sale! 

I feel like Christmas candles fall in two categories, baking kind of scents (including food/drink smells), and then tree scents. It's kind of like a teeter-totter, where they meet in the middle and form candles that smell like the "peace" candle I purchased. With that being said, what is your favorite holiday scent? Is it a baking type, or a tree type?

Much Love! Xx

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  1. Bath and Body works had a candle called Amsterdam and it was really nice! But limited time so I didn't get it! I bought little tealight versions of salted caramel candles last year and use them sparingly :)
    x Kenzie